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Nick Warburton’s new play Psalm, first heard on BBC Radio 4 and directed by Jonquil Panting, will soon be available from Radius and will be reviewed in the next issue of Radius Performing.


The play is based on the fact that in earlier times, a loophole in the law meant that anyone who proved that they could read from the Bible could have their case tried in an ecclesiastical court as if they were clergy, and that their sentence would be lighter.

Cinema streamings

Future cinema screenings from major national theatre companies


National Theatre: 

Salome, 22 June

Angels in America, 20 & 27 July

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, 29 July

Yerma, 31 August



Coriolanus, 11 October

According to most philosophers, God in making the world enslaved it. According to Christianity, in making it, He set it free. God had written,

not so much a poem, but rather a play; a play he had planned as perfect, but which had necessarily been left to human actors and stage-managers, who had since made a great mess of it.

Orthodoxy – GK Chesterton, 1874-1936

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Anna Wheeler's blog

Anna's blog discusses issues in theatre and theology that will be of real interest to other Radius members.


Follow the link here to read her latest entry and to catch up with a substantial archive of earlier reviews.

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The Summoning of Everyman: a modern version

by Les Ellison. Read the review of it here. You may also be interested in Sacred Spaces by Les Ellison, Nick Warburton and James Lark. A year in the life of a church community: nine short dramas.


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Following the Society’s AGM in the morning, BBC Radio & TV dramatist Nick Warburton will give a two hour workshop on the theme of ‘Remembering’. As the centenary of the end of WW1 approaches, Nick will suggest ways of using drama to explore the experiences of soldiers, to remember the dead, and also to ask questions about who should be remembered, why and in what ways.


Nick is the author of several episodes in the acclaimed BBC Radio series Tommies and also wrote the short play Memorial in the Radius collection ‘Sacred Spaces’.


The Workshop is open to non-members. If you would like to attend, please email

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Nick Warburton Workshop at the Radius AGM

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Bristol Cathedral Chapter House

2pm Saturday

16 September 2017

Acting workshop

On Saturday 20 May a group of Radius members joined the St George's Players, Beckenham, for an acting workshop led by Will Featherstone. After some lively theatre games the group worked individually on creating a character. In the final session the characters met each other at a school reunion and talked about their lives.















Will Featherstone has played leading roles at The Globe and gave us his list of acting rules, which will appear in Radius Performing. Will stepped in at short notice and David Sturzaker, who was billed to lead the workshop, will do an Acting workshop for Radius in 2018.

Will F