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Radius promotes drama on biblical and theological themes and drama which examines ethical and social issues. Many past Radius members, including T S Eliot and Dorothy L Sayers, believed that all serious creative work is a reflection and continuation of divine creativity, and therefore that every good play has a religious dimension. Radius continues this tradition while recognising that many members are looking for drama on explicitly religious themes.

Radius is

Radius welcomes people seeking to explore spiritual, social and ethical themes through drama. We offer a programme of support for drama practitioners and playwrights, and we also provide a forum for discussion of the relationship between theatre and faith within contemporary culture.

Radius’s unique script collection includes plays on biblical themes and drama that explores spiritual and social issues. Radius regularly commissions new plays. Our scripts are all available to download from the Radius shop.

The Society encourages playwrights through a script assessment service and writers’ groups. We also provide a programme of practical workshops, a magazine and newsletters. Through our website and social media we share reviews, news and announcements of forthcoming events.


Most of the Society’s services are available to anyone, but we always welcome new members who will join us in actively supporting and developing our ideas and activities. Over the years we have been honoured by the interest of a succession of Patrons and Presidents who have held leadership positions in either the churches or the theatre. Radius is managed by an elected Council (or Trustees) who are responsible for day-to-day business and decisions, and who report every year to the members at the AGM. For more about our history and plans for the future see the links to Background and Events and News.

Radius today

Radius has always campaigned for the highest possible standards of performance in religious drama. The society’s founders believed that a good play reflected God’s creative powers and should always be the best its interpreters could offer. The fact that good production standards are now taken for granted in the churches owes a great deal to Radius’s work over the years.

What we do

In the 21st century Radius is run from the homes of volunteers, providing resources to members through its collection of playscripts, an assessment service for authors, a regular magazine supplemented by a newsletter and regular training events.

The Radius Mission Statement

Radius welcomes people seeking to explore spiritual, social and ethical themes through drama. As a forum for discussion it encourages a relationship between theatre and faith within contemporary culture and promotes plays that throw light on the human condition.

Radius offers scripts for performance, an assessment service for new plays, a series of study guides, a magazine and a programme of workshops

In all human experience, there are parallels which permit common understanding in the telling and hearing, and it is the frightening responsibility of an artist to make what is directly or allusively close to his own being communicable and understandable, however disturbingly, to the hearts and minds of all whom he addresses.

Tennessee Williams, 1911-1983