Writing and Performing

You’ve got a great idea for a play but you are having problems.
Are the characters making an impact? Is it losing pace in the middle? Have you got the ending right? Radius script service is for people like you. Your play will be read by the three members of our Reading Panel, all active in the professional theatre, who will each provide constructive suggestions on how your script could be developed.

Radius encourages writers through an Assessment Service where a panel of three professionals in the field of drama will give detailed responses to a play and suggestions for its further development.  Click here.

From time to time Radius runs a playwriting competition with the possibility that the winning script will be given a public reading or added to our collection.  Look out for announcements in Events and News.

Drama groups who wish to stage plays that explore faith or focus on biblical themes can search Radius’s unique collection of play scripts. These include short plays lasting up to 20 minutes, one-act plays of about an hour, and full-length plays. Some of the one-act scripts are collections of scenes which can be presented as a whole or individually. The plays are easy to stage with manageable casts and some are suitable for drama festivals. Many offer opportunities for gender-blind casting

Study courses: Radius has produced three study courses based on well-known plays. More about them here.

Consider the public. Treat it with tact and courtesy. It will accept much from you if you are clever enough to win it to your side. Never fear it nor despise it. Coax it, charm it, interest it, stimulate it, shock it now and then, if you must, make it laugh, make it cry and make it think, but above all, dear pioneers . . . never never never bore the living hell out of it.

Noel Coward, 1899-1973