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Radius’s regular annual event is the weekend of the Annual General Meeting, when we provide drama and social opportunities in addition to the meeting itself. We also mount one-off events such as launches for new plays, lectures, receptions and workshops.

Radius Annual General Meeting and Drama Workshop

Radius AGM was held on Saturday 9 July in Crown Court Church, Covent Garden. We were small in number but there was plenty of laughter and catching up with news, in some cases from people we hadn’t seen for several years. The meeting heard reports from the Council and all its sub-committees (Executive, Publications, Festival, Communications), the Treasurer, membership secretary and the people responsible for IT, social media and the Playreading Group. Two new trustees were elected. The President, Bishop Stephen Platten, gave us an address which was a call to action, particularly in the area of recruitment.

After the meeting our Vice-President Bishop Rob Gillion, formerly a professional actor, led us in a mime workshop and we rounded off the event with a late lunch of sandwiches from Waitrose. Anna Wheeler writes: “To watch Rob in action reminded me of a piece of music full of different textures – the best legato is most effective with the best staccato, and vice versa. He reminded me that mime can tell the most effective story where each moment has a meaning.” For Anna’s full report, see the Summer issue of Radius Performing.

The theatre is one of the most expressive and useful vehicles for the edification of a country’s people, and a barometer that marks the country’s greatness or declines. A sensitive theatre . . . can alter a people’s sensibility in just a few years, while a decadent theatre where hooves have taken the place of wings can cheapen and lull to sleep an entire nation. 

Federico Garcia Lorca, 1898-1936