Study Groups

Three courses designed to help readers take a deeper look at what religious drama is and some of the issues and questions of faith or doubt that plays may raise. These are obtainable from the shop where you can find further details.

The Man Born to be King 

This is a twelve-week discussion course following the radio plays on the life of Jesus written by Dorothy L Sayers and first broadcast in 1941/42. The freshness of the approach was controversial and they remain significant contributions to religious drama. [Please note that extracts from the plays are not included and group members will need their own copies. It may be  possible to hire a set of the plays from Radius.]

The Witnesses

A reading and study course in five units based on Clive Sansom’s verse monologues spoken by people who encountered Jesus.  The poems are accompanied by Bible passages and questions for discussion about the personal cost of discipleship.  Sansom’s book was the winner of a Festival of Britain poetry competition in 1951 and his verses have lost nothing of their impact.

“If power change purpose”

The title, from Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, is the basis of a five-part study course related to issues about power and religious belief in the play. The course includes Nick Warburton’s one-hour adaptation of Measure for Measure which may be used as a reading or performance at the end of the course. Nick Warburton is the author of Witness, an award-winning series of radio plays broadcast on BBC Radio Four in 2007, which he has reworked as a play for performance, available through Radius. You can view our Shop and our Videos here.