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Radius’s regular annual event is the weekend of the Annual General Meeting, when we provide drama and social opportunities in addition to the meeting itself. We also mount one-off events such as launches for new plays, lectures, receptions and workshops. See the home page for a list of forthcoming events. More details will be in the next issue of Radius Performing.

Events & news

Now available



by Mark Allen Eaton


A lively one-act play presenting the Crucifixion from a Roman perspective. Review here.



Also available


Birthday in Bethlehem

by Francis Wright


A lively new all-age one-act Christmas play from Radius. Review here.

The theatre is one of the most expressive and useful vehicles for the edification of a country's people, and a barometer that marks the country's greatness or declines. A sensitive theatre . . .  can alter a people's sensibility in just a few years, while a decadent theatre where hooves have taken the place of wings can cheapen and lull to sleep an entire nation. Federico Garcia Lorca, 1898-1936


Pages are currently being updated or added to the Radius website, so be sure to check it out again shortly.

Radius members at the 2019 AGM

Before the meeting: Romilly Janes, Richard Wiedemann, John and Ann Ablett; Dilys Stone and the President in the background.

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Owing to the continuing COVID-19 restrictions the Festival has been cancelled for 2020. We still hope to hold the Festival at a future date.


For updates, watch this page and check out our twitter feed @RadiusDrama, looking out for the hashtag #WAWN2020.

Treasurer Dilys Stone presents her report.

IT technician John Ablett outlines recent developments.

Council Chair Nick Warburton gives an overview of the year

The John Piper window.

Actor and director Peter Moreton leads a workshop on the Parable of the Banquet.

A feedback session.

Lunch break: Kit Harbottle, John Stone and Katrina Clifford help themselves to Romilly's delicious fruit salad.

Festival of Drama 2020:

Who Are We Now?

30 October - 1 November

Radius Playwriting Competition 2020

A press release with details of the winner can be found here. The next biennial Radius Playwriting Competition will be announced in Autumn 2021, to take place in 2022.