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Alphabetical playlist

Radius drama explores faith and also asks more open-ended

questions about the meaning of our lives. The Radius Script Collection offers some outstanding plays on religious themes, many of them designed to be performed at Christmas or Easter, and it also includes plays on serious topics which do not explicitly mention religion but which prompt the audience to look for their own answers.




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in pdf format.


Most of these plays have been successfully produced by Radius members, and all have received detailed assessment by our panel of Readers. The plays can be ordered in emailable form through the Radius shop. The cost is £10 for a longer play, £7 for a one-act play and £5 for a short play.


Plays from Radius is a unique series of high-quality scripts selected by a panel who combine professional expertise with years of experience producing plays.


All Radius plays are easy to stage in a variety of locations, with minimal properties and costumes. Many of the plays offer flexible casting, with roles that can be played by either men or women. We have plays for Easter and Christmas, plays that can be used round the year, plays that include young people and plays with casts of under 10.  


A number of the plays are one-act, lasting for around an hour. This makes them suitable for presentation in a festival, a themed event or to introduce discussion. Several plays, such as Les Ellison’s First Easter or the collection Sacred Spaces, can either be presented as a single one-act play or broken up into units using smaller combinations of scenes.


Our Christmas and Easter lists offer plays suitable for performance during major Christian festivals. Radius also has a number of plays which explore faith-related themes in an imaginative and open-ended way. Although many Radius plays have a light-hearted tone, they have all been chosen because they present the audience with serious questions about faith and life.
















The plays can be ordered in emailable form through the Radius shop. The cost is £10 for a longer play, £7 for a one-act play and £5 for a short play.


Free Previews

You can inspect sample pages of each play on the Preview pages of the website.


Permission to perform

Permission for these plays to be copied for purposes of public reading or performance has been given, but with the stipulation that the copies be destroyed after use.


A licence to perform or give a reading of any play, either in its entirety or in the form of excerpts, is required by professionals or amateurs for production in church or elsewhere, whether for charity or gain, regardless of whether admission is charged or not. Applications for a licence should be made to Radius in advance of rehearsals. Licence fees per performance are £25 for full-length, £15 for one-act, £5 for a short play.


To pay performing fees, go to the shop, click on the Performing Fees icon and select your play from the drop-down menu. Each performance needs its own licence, so select the number of performances under Quantity. When you have completed the purchase you will receive a confirmatory email from PayPal and this constitutes your licence to perform.


All rights whatsoever in these plays are strictly reserved.

The Radius Collection

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