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Drama Clips

The Radius religious drama channel contains hints and tips for playwriting and performing, short drama clips from Radius plays and interviews with performers and authors.


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1.In this trailer for Kate Griffin's play, Ally is full of rage because a car accident has condemned him to a wheelchair for life.   His friend Max, who drove the car, is full of guilt. Nancy is blind and her creative approach to disability gives both Ally and Max a glimmer of hope.  


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3. In this modern-day retelling of Jesus's resurrection, Cass Tennel is an investigative journalist with the Rome Herald who is intrigued by the rumours and counter-rumours surrounding the execution of the rebel leader Davidson.  

2. Nick Warbuton talks about the stage version of his award-winning series of radio plays broadcast on BBC Radio 4, with extracts performed by actors. 'Witness' chronicles the story of Jesus as told in Luke's gospel.  

4. Yuri Gagarin was the world's first cosmonaut, a hero for his times. But what happened when he came down to earth? Les Ellison's one-hour drama explores the loneliness of a man trapped by celebrity.

5. Never written a play before but always wanted to? In this video, James Lark gives you five writing tips that cover script layout as well as the dos and don’ts when “telling the story”.  

6. Whether your play is biblical or contemporary, you need to get the background right. In this video, Sean Lang tells us that "all drama is period drama" and demonstrates how to use character and dialogue when dramatising a story set in the past.  

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In all human experience, there are parallels which permit common understanding in the telling and hearing, and it is the frightening responsibility of an artist to make what is directly or allusively close to his own being communicable and understandable, however disturbingly, to the hearts and minds of all whom he addresses. Tennessee Williams, 1911-1983